Reliable supply of 5000 series alloys for JIT production

As you need more aluminum quickly we’re ready to provide it.

Our Aluminum expertise born in the demanding rigid container sheet industry has us prepared to serve the even more demanding automotive industry.

  • Hot rolled or mill finished
  • Experts in 5000 series alloys
  • JIT inventory, only 14-18 days from PO to FOB.
Automotive Infographic

Product Specifications

  Min (in) Max (in) Min (mm) Max (mm)
Mill Finish Product Thickness Range  .007   .061   .18   1.55 
Mill Finish Product Width Range  1   30.2   25   767 
Coated Product Gauge Coil Form  .007   .022   .18   .56 
Coated Product Width Coil Form  1   28.5   25   724 
Coatings (either side) g/sq”  1.5   12   2.3   18.6 
Outside Coil Diameter     66      1676 
Inside Coil Diameter  12,16,20   12,16,20   305,406,508   305,406,508 
Coil Skid Weight  2000 lbs   9500 lbs   908 Kg   4082 Kg 
Production Order Quantities (smaller quantities available for trails)  11000 lbs      5000 Kg    

5000 Series Alloys

At Golden Aluminum, we consider ourselves the 5000 series experts. We offer most common and a wide variety of harder to find 5000 series alloys in O, H and F tempers. 

The 5000 series alloys have Magnesium and Manganese are the major alloying elements. The 5000 series alloys are medium to high strength and can be designed to perform in a wide range of applications. They are weldable, excellent corrosion resistance, non-heat-treatable and available in several tempers.