Industries Served

Sardine cans, mini-blinds, beverage cans, computer parts, wine caps, light bulbs, and automobiles. They’re all part Golden Aluminum. Our metallurgical expertise and flexible production methodology enable us to seamlessly change our production to meet your industry needs. If you need Aluminum we can make it.

Food Packaging

Products and coatings to meet the stringent industry requirements

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Reliable supply of 5000 series alloys for JIT production

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Beverage Packaging

Trusted supplier of worldwide brands

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Consumer Products

Providing small or large quantities for your brand rollout

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Home Products

Just the right alloy for your needs in home products.

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Commercial Product Parts

Quantities & alloys for short or production runs.

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Service Centers

Getting you the aluminum you need quickly

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Building Products

Highly recycled cost effective alloys

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Let us be a part of your industry!

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